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#1 Tip From Tik Tok Creators

Time and time again we hear the same advice from top creators after people ask, "What is the secret to success on TikTok/social media?"

We want to talk about the #1 mentioned key component that has led some of the biggest creators on TikTok to success:


So, what does consistency actually mean? It's easy to tell someone "be more consistent" but how can you actually become more consistent?

We broke it down into 3 simple tips to be more consistent.

1. Show up EVERY day.

Every single day you should do something that moves you toward your goal. This can mean research, practicing, manifesting success, planning and more. In the case of TikTok that means to study new trends, learn new camera techniques but most importantly: POST.

Post content EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

All those drafts you have saved, yeah go ahead and post them! The more you show up, the more you are learning and the more you are going to show up in the algorithm. This leads us into our second tip, Don't overthink it.

2. Don't overthink it.

What stunts creative individuals success? Overthinking. When you sit and overthink often times, nothing is going to happen.

Want to know the secret? You will not be able to produce the "perfect" piece of content, ever. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can get back to your creative mindset.

When you find yourself overthinking your content, get back to what you love. Create something for fun and forget about the views or likes.

3. Don't wait for perfect timing.

There is also never a perfect time to "get started". Don't wait for a Monday, or for the beginning of a month or a year, just START. The sooner you start the faster you will learn and grow.

In the social media world nothing happens when you are just waiting, you have to take the leap and just GO FOR IT.

The more you go for it, the easier it will get and in time you will see your success and growth.

So you want to be on TikTok? Remember to show up everyday, forget about overthinking your content, and that there is no perfect time to get started.

Need some more inspiration? Check out some of our creators content that we have featured on TikTok here.

Think we missed any tips? Leave them in the comments or email us!

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