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10 Ways to Make Money as a Content Creator in 2023

If you started this new year by writing down a goal of "becoming a full time content creator" or "make more money on TikTok/Instagram/Social Media" this blog post is for you.

In 2023 there are many ways to make money as a content creator or "influencer" on social media and it may not look the same as it has in years past. There are new and powerful social media platforms, a very saturated market and the ever changing world of content creation to take into account. Don't let these things scare you, they really just mean more opportunities! We have put together a list of ways to make money as a content creator this year, let us know what you try and what works the best for you! Let's go!

1. Join an agency like Clicks Talent. We work with creators big and small and in all types of niches in the industry. We guarantee your pay and ensure companies uphold their contracts; Giving you more time and energy to focus on your content. Giving you exclusive access to campaigns and sponsorships that we have carefully created with brands. We have an extensive team that is here to support you, analytics to track your progress, digital rights management and so much more.

Clicks Talent is passionate about making sure our creators are paid what they are worth and grow their brand along the way! If this sounds like something you are interested in contact us here to learn more and potentially get started ASAP!

2. Join services like Influenster, Stack Influence, Statusphere, SwayPay.

These services offer pay and/or free product for your honest review and posting of their product. Most of them are free to join and you can choose from an array of products every month to review and post about. This can help micro influencers grow their name by posting more sponsored content and sometimes the brands will even use your content on their socials. This is a free and simple way to start growing and making money right now!

3. Don't be afraid to reach out to brands you love, big and small.

Even if you feel like your audience is not big yet, reach out to the brands you love. Show them your analytics and why you think your followers will engage if you are sponsored or are working with them specifically. This isn't guaranteed money in the bank but you never know what will come from these connections. Clicks Talent also helps influencers work with brands they love and are passionate about.

4. Join new platforms that are offering incentives

There are new social media platforms launching often. Streaming services, video content, photography content and so much more. Think about the first creators that made it big on TikTok or previously known as "Musicly", these creators have changed their lives by working hard in the newest and fast growing app. This requires you to research and be in the know about what's going on in the industry.

Bonus: At Clicks Talent we are approached by new social media platforms often that are looking for influencers to help grow their new app! Click here to learn more about that.

5. Patreon and other subscription apps

These apps are a great way to create a dedicated following and get paid for your work! Your podcast, videos, art, tutorials or whatever else you want to create "exclusively" for your subscribers will generate a new form of income and help you grow your brand across other social media as well.

6. Selling Art/merch

Are you an artist? Do you have a catch phrase or slogan you say often to your followers? Think about creating art and/or merchandise for your audience to purchase. This strategy has worked out extremely well for some very large Influencers on TikTok, Instagram and beyond. It does require research into high quality tees, sweatshirts or you can research a drop shipping type of option. If you do this, tag us! We want to see your amazing merch you come up with.

7. Stock photos

If you love taking photos and have a skill for making high quality videos think about selling stock photos and video! Businesses are always looking for new and fresh stock photography and videos to use for their marketing. There can never be too many stock photos to choose from especially when brands are working harder for their marketing to look top notch.

Sites like story blocks, unsplash, and adobe have all started offering payment and incentives to creators selling their photos and videos.

8. Affiliate marketing links

LiketoKnowIt (LTK), Click Bank, Rakuten, Pinterest, Upfluence and Amazon are all apps/sites that offer some kind of affiliate marketing link program. This allows you to share things you recommend on TikTok, Instagram etc. and get paid for clicks and purchases. Essentially you are making a commission when someone clicks on your link and purchases the item. This is a great tool to share what you love and make some extra money AND grow your brand while doing it.

9. Sharing recommendations

This may not seem like a direct way to make cash but if you are sharing your recommendations and tagging the brands and making great content for them to see this is the best way to grow a following and get your name seen across social media. Share a recommendation as often as you can, or choose a brand you care about and focus some content on them each week. This is especially helpful for new or micro influencers.

10. Selling a course

Are you an expert in something that people are always wanting to learn or asking questions about? Think about putting together a course for people to purchase. It can be as simple as a pdf download or an interactive document they can own or an exclusive access to an ebook. The options are really endless how you can make this work but it can be extremely lucrative and beneficial to your following as well! Your audience will love that you are sharing your knowledge in a concrete way and it creates a way for you to keep doing what you are passionate about with some passive income.


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