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5 Myths About Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is an ever evolving industry with many myths and misconceptions that need to be discussed. Before you discredit using influencers to market your brand take a look at some myths that we have debunked. Lets dive in...

Myth #1: Influencer Marketing is a temporary industry

This is a common misconception about influencer marketing because of the ever changing market of working with influencers. In the beginning, the bigger the following the better the results. New influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers were a practically instant gold mine for businesses to promote themselves. Now with the market becoming more saturated, getting more specific with nano and micro influencers delivers higher quality leads.

Fact: Influencer Marketing is an over $15 Billion industry

The industry is exponentially growing currently, estimated growing to a $15 billion industry but the end of 2022. This is because the opportunities are vast and lucrative for big and small business. With the boom of various social media sites, more buying be done on mobile than ever before this is the time to use influencer marketing to grow.

Myth #2: The influencer industry is limited to a single age group.

Many assume that influencer marketing is limited to popular social media which attracts younger audiences like Gen Z and Millenials. While this is partially true, influencer marketing is not only limited to places like TikTok. Influencer marketing can be used across many types of social media, word of mouth, email marketing and more. The opportunities are very open!

Fact: Influencer Marketing reaches all kinds of audiences.

Because of the wide range of types of influencer marketing there is available, that means your target audience can be reached even if that target audience is not Gen Z specific. Narrowing down your target audience will allow you to reach more realistic customers and generate future leads. Your customers may even become influencers for your brand once using your product.

Myth #3: Follower count equals a "better" influencer.

This may have been true in the beginning of the "influencer era" but is no longer necessarily a guarantee. What matters more is quality and target audiences. Influencers can have anywhere between 1K to 1 Million followers and be successful in their marketing. Nano and micro influencers have seen ample success in the last few years because they have more specific niche audiences.

Fact: A high follower count does not guarantee results.

The higher follower count doesn't always guarantee engagement. Engagement is really what matters because that drives high quality leads and sales. A follower can have one million followers but lack significantly in engagement, which means less leads and less eyes on your brands message. Using high quality and experienced influencers can allow you to reach people who are more likely to follow and purchase from your brand.

Myth #4: Influencer Marketing only works for certain kinds of brands

Influencer marketing is not only meant for huge businesses, clothing brands and game apps. Influencers can be used to market practically any type of business. Clicks Talent has worked with brands promoting apps, products, songs and services. Utilizing influencers to market your business works across the board when done correctly!

Fact: Influencer Marketing can be used for any brand as long as its executed correctly.

While influencer marketing can be used for virtually any kind of business, it should be done correctly. Finding your target audience and high quality influencers is key. The message should be clear in the marketing and the influencers should be producing realistic and relatable material for your audience and customers.

Myth #5: Influencer campaigns are simple to manage.

Some may think that influencer campaigns are simply sliding into an influencers DMs and asking them to promote your brand for either free product or some compensation. It is not that simple and can get complicated quickly when managing multiple people and multiple campaigns.

Fact: Influencer Campaigns are best when managed by professionals or agencies.

Leave the managing of the campaigns to the professionals! Clicks Talent has launched and managed over 1oo viral campaigns with our influencers and brands. We have a streamlined process to help connect influencers and brands without all of the confusion. We are a team of experienced marketing professionals within the growing Influencer Marketing Industry that knows how to produce results.

We maintain a close and personal relationship with our clients and influencers, ensuring a smooth process and extremely quick turn over time.

Our team consists of highly trained and educated individuals, all contributing their specialties and ideas to Clicks Talent. Each team member has been a part of Clicks since the beginning of its existence, as they believe in the growth of the company and the influencer marketing industry as a whole.

We have worked with brands like

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Influencer marketing is not always what it seems and it takes knowledge and planning to make it a successful venture for your business. There are many myths and misconceptions that can cause brands to steer away from this amazing industry, don't let that happen to you. Influencer marketing is here to stay and is a powerful industry that can help launch your business to the next level.

As always we are always here to help! Have questions about the industry? Contact us!


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