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A TikTok influencer family: Interview with The Hines Family

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

This week we sat down with Jamie, Austin, and Kenni Hines, one of the fastest-growing and most promising influencer families on TikTok, with almost three million followers combined!

Check out some of their videos below!

Luckily, we were able to catch them during a break and asked them some questions about what it's like to be such big social media stars.

Take a look!


Clicks Talent: Hi, Jamie, Austin, and Kenni! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us! So tell us, what do you do when you’re not creating videos for social media?

Kenni: When I’m not creating videos for social media, I love learning new dances, playing on my laptop, and hanging out with friends.

Jamie: I have a day-job as a programmer, and during my free time, I love making music in my studio, especially trap soul. I also really enjoy spending time with my wife and doing “dad things”.

Austin: I’m going into my 4th year of college majoring in Business and Marketing. During my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and watching TV.

As a family, besides dancing, we all enjoy playing video games and watching movies together.

Clicks Talent: How did your TikTok career start? And how long have you been influencers for?

Austin: I started posting in in 2016 and later left the app. I decided to come back in 2019 when Musically had already changed its name to TikTok. Luckily, my first video went viral, and all the videos after that also did. When I had a school break, I came back home to my family and asked Kenni to join one of my videos, it was so successful that I decided to ask my dad to join one of them as well. Eventually, we all decided we wanted to make videos together, and my dad and Kenni opened their own TikTok accounts.

What is the story behind your TikTok usernames?

Austin(Saucey_Austin): In 2016, I used to go live with my friend in an app called YouNow. We both decided we needed a trademark name, and I wanted something with the word "saucey". Ever since then, I kept the name, and whenever someone supports me, I call it “My Saucey Day”.

Jaime(Mystakinfolk): When people first came into my recording studio, they used to say I treated them like kinfolk, so they would always reference me as “kinfolk”. On the other hand, there is a rapper called Mystical, so I took the mysta and put it into kinfolk.

Kenni(Kennilove03): “Kenni love” is how my family calls me around the house.

Clicks Talent: What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Jamie: What I like the most about being an influencer is that it allows our family to be together.

Kenni: I like spreading positivity with the world and bonding with my fans while I make videos. I also really enjoy playing video games with my supporters.

Austin: I love having an audience to speak to and being able to impact others. I think that what I do helps others who have the same opinion as me have a voice about certain issues that are going on with the world.

Clicks Talent: What is the worst thing about being an influencer?

Jamie: Being an influencer, it’s harder than people think. In order to be successful, you need to come up with fresh content that somebody hasn’t already done, and sometimes that’s hard to do.

Austin: The worst thing about being an influencer is judgment. People always have something to say regarding everything you do. I often get compared to my dad or my sister, “they did it better”, which was fine at the beginning, but it can get irritating after a while.

Clicks Talent: On a different note, what is the best collaboration that you have done with another influencer?

Jamie: The only time we had time to collaborate with other influencers was right before the pandemic hit. Earlier this year, we went to the Playlist Live Convention in Orlando, and there Austin and I were able to collaborate with other influencers, although at that time, we didn’t have as many followers as we have now. But we’re definitely looking forward to doing it more in the future.

Clicks Talent: Tell us something we don’t know about the influencer's work?

Jamie: It’s not as easy as it looks, a lot of people underestimate the time and effort that comes with making content. Some of my videos have taken hours of preparation only for 15 seconds. First, you need to decide what you’re going to do, then you need to practice, after that you need to record it and edit it.

Austin: I agree with my dad, a lot of our followers don’t understand how much it takes to make a video; it could take me from 4 hours to a day just to edit.

Clicks Talent: How do you come up with ideas for your videos?

Jamie: We usually research different trends, and Kenni and Austin combine them together.

Clicks Talent: What is it like to be an influencer family? Have you thought about getting your mom more involved?

Austin and Kenni: Our mom usually prefers to stay on the backline, she says it’s not for her and that “somebody has to do the shopping at the store”, because when we go out now people notice who we are, we even have people walking by our house.

Clicks Talent: What tip(s) do you have for anyone trying to become popular on TikTok like you?

Austin: I would say consistency. Many Tiktokers do very well on their first videos, but later on, they get disappointed with their views and likes, and then they stop. I recommend them not to quit, to push through those hard times, and to be patient.

Jamie: Make sure your content is original and not forced cause people can tell. Just be you, and don’t try being anybody else.

Kenni: I would recommend coming up with relevant and creative topics so that it would become trending and people would see it.

Clicks Talent: What have you gained from working with us at Clicks Talent?

Jamie: Clicks Talent has allowed us to have more exposure, networking with other influencers, and more opportunities to give our followers good content.

Austin: Thanks to Clicks, I’ve had the chance to work with people and brands I never thought I would. So far, my favorite campaigns include an MGK song promotion, and I might get a deal with Hollister soon, so I’m very impressed with their deals.

Clicks Talent: Well, thanks for that. We had a great time speaking with you guys, can't wait to see your next video!

Make sure to follow the Hines family on social media to see their amazing content!


Instagram: mystakinfolk

TikTok: mystakinfolk



Hakuna: SauceyAustin

Youtube: Austin Hines


Instagram: kennilove03_

TikTok: kennilove03

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