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Catching a Break: Tips to Improve Your Chances of Success as a Creative

With high competition, crowded social feeds and growing financial pressure, getting discovered as a creative in the modern era can feel like an uphill struggle. Fortunately, there are plenty of strategies you can employ to improve your chances - here are a few to consider.


For those of us striving to do what we love in a professional capacity, trying to break into the industry can be an emotionally draining process. It’s important, therefore, to disassociate from this process however you can - creating a brand or a company, for example, can make it easier to carry out the demoralizing tasks (such as cold calls) that are necessary for business success. A good place to start is with your website - using inexpensive, freelance developers or free online site builders, it’s easier than ever to create a page that represents you in a professional manner. Take the time to research and learn from competitors and be sure to include examples of previous work, contact options and background information about you and your working habits.

If you have experience in graphics, it’s important to put your skills to use designing a logo, business cards and a high-quality portfolio. On the off-chance that someone with influence asks to see your work or stumbles upon your site, you want to ensure you have the necessary assets available.

Business Management

When you’re striving for financial independence as a creative professional, correct business management can help you to lower overhead costs and optimize your process. A good place to start is with a business plan - this document should describe your business proposition, lay out how you intend to sell your services, outline a structure, project your financial outlook and list any funding requirements. If/when it comes to pitching for investment, you’ll be able to use this important tool to argue the viability of your business and appeal to those with the capital that could help it to succeed.

It’s common for those working within creative industries to struggle with income, but it is possible to buck this stereotype with clever financial management. Start by finding a reliable accounting software - the right program can help you to organize your finances, budget effectively, manage invoices and keep track of your expenses.

Hiring Freelancers

There are a lot of advantages to hiring freelancers to help manage and market your business. For one, it can be a lot cheaper than hiring full-time employees. You also have a lot more control over the work that gets done, since you can hand-pick the freelancers who you think will be the best fit for your needs. Additionally, freelancers tend to be very flexible and can often work around your schedule.

If you’re looking for quality candidates, there are alternatives to a traditional recruiting agency. Some freelancing job sites offer recruitment services so you can find vetted freelancers. They’ll provide you with a list of talented professionals in just a couple days, and you’ll only have to pay if you make a hire.


It’s not always fair, but the truth is that knowing the right people can give you a huge leg up in the creative market. A good place to start is with old friends and peers - if you’re looking to reconnect with those from the past, there are services (beyond social media) that can help. By searching via name, location, graduation date and school, it’s possible to pinpoint your old connections and reach out directly.

Social media provides an excellent way to break through barriers that were, in previous years, impenetrable - if you can successfully garner a following, you might be able to catch the eye of someone in a position of authority. It can also be a useful tool for communicating with those working within the industry and developing a rapport. Take the time to celebrate the work of your peers, asking questions, engaging in discussions and offering encouragement. You never know who will be next to succeed and those with strong networks tend to succeed together.

Succeeding as a creative is no small feat. To give yourself the best chance, you will need to spend time on the tedious tasks and on your craft. Learn how to brand and manage your business, network with the right people, and bring on some talented freelancers to help.

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Guest Post by Cody Mcbride


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