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How Do Small Content Creators Help In Building A Small Business To Become A Big Brand?

There is an abundance of influencers, content creators and content writers willing to work freelance and content creation companies that can build up your brand. But how do they do this? Does their content really make a difference? Does it aid in business staffing? Does it help the brand gain momentum?

Let’s examine a few key factors and find out together.

Information That Has A Reliable Value

Real content creation is not just about pumping out dribble onto the page. It is about valuable and useful content that can help the customers learn something. What you are offering is not just fluff but it is useful and practical wordings that a customer would find interesting and share with others and connects the clients to trustworthy sites.

When content fits these criteria, the google search rankings notice your company and start to make sure that it gets more views since it has recognized that your site possesses value as an information source.

Target An Audience With A Solution

A large part of content marketing is targeting very specific audiences with keywords that highlight what a person is searching for and present them with the answer to what they want. Often this can come about in the form of a question.

For example, a customer may ask: “where can I find the best brand of coffee” if you are a coffee business, a content creator would make a piece of content designed for finding the best brand of coffee, and in the content, they would direct the clients straight to you as the solution to their request. Check out how we worked with Bones Coffee as an example.

In this way you find the clients searching for you and organically allow them to find you, and follow your brand (as well as the content creator) as the best option.

Create A Brand Voice

A company or brand should not just be a corporate machine with a cold and calculated voice. People connect with the companies they purchase from on an emotional level. Look at the advertising used by Coca-Cola.

They use clever advertising and wording and have selected key brand attributes to show what their company stands for. This is what connects people to the company and makes them want to support them by purchasing their products and it can also bring in more employees to your business.

A skilled content creator will not only give the information to the clients as it is but they will also develop a personality and character as per the owner's preferences and they will highlight the brand's attributes and values. This brings in the clients so that they can attach themselves to the company on a personal level which turns them into repeat customers that are happy to share your business info with their friends. Check out how we did this with Jarritos.

Convert Visitors Into Customers

Even with high traffic to your site, this does not mean that you will have a high rate of buyers of your service or product. A lot of whether a client invests in your company or not depends on the content of your website. By having a content creator input engaging and moving content, you can gain more customers from those that see your website content. Clicks Talent has a large network of influencers and content creators that we work with to bring the very best content for brands, apps, and music artists.

Basically, by having a content creator work with your small business, you can get more clients, more loyalty, more trust, and a higher conversion rate into buyers.

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Guest Post by Margie Heaneythe


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