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How much should a BRAND pay for a TikTok post?

As a brand finding new ways to promote your brand can be difficult to navigate. Influencer marketing is one of the newest and fastest growing tools in marketing but it comes with some learning curves.

Here are a few best practices to think of when beginning to work with content creators, specifically on Tik Tok:

Brands should NEVER work with an influencer who is charging based on their follower count. Work with creators that base their pricing on their views and engagement. If there is a big gap between views and engagement, focus mainly on engagement.

Don't look at overall engagement; you should only care about the engagement from the

past 1-2 weeks. Things change so quickly on TikTok that you cannot look at overall lifetime data to make calculated decisions; only recent data matters.

Make sure the content quality is a good fit for your brand. Not every content creator is going to be the right fit for promoting your brand or product. Look at their past content they have created with other brands as well as their unsponsored content.

There is no set amount of money that will be good for every content creator. Determine your budget, and spark a discussion with a creator that you think will be a good fit with your brand. Be prepared to discuss and make clear guidelines on what is expected for "x" amount paid.

Follow these tips and see how influencer marketing can change your brand! Need help connecting with amazing content creators and influencers? #TeamClicks is here for you, contact us today.

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