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How much should I charge for a music promo on my tiktok?

How much should I charge for a music promo on my TikTok?

Music is typically much easier to incorporate into a video than brands are. That is the only reason you should differentiate pricing. Some creators will differentiate pricing because they believe brands have more money than artists, but that isn't ethical.

As a general rule of thumb if the the brand is giving you full creative freedom, and you already had a video planned that can easily incorporate the brand. Charge your regular rate. If its complicated, calculate the time needed to do the extra work, calculate your worth.

(how much do you believe you are worth per hour, be realistic, most companies making $1m - $5m a year, their ceos are valued at $500 -$1,000 an hour. Realistically, your time is probably worth less than that)

If there is extra work creatively and otherwise that will need to be done add that extra cost in. An easier way to do this, is take your usual rate and multiply it by 1.5 - 3 depending on how much extra work it would be than to simply throw an audio in the background.

If the artist you are doing a campaign for is requesting very specific content, complicated content or something that requires a significant amount of your time, charge what you would a brand.

Here are some great examples of incorporating songs into content from some people at #TeamClicks:

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