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Top Ten TikTok Influencer Agencies

TikTok is a strong force in the Influencer marketing industry, TikTok is surpassing even Google in search engine queries. TikTok is getting bigger than GOOGLE, what many view as "the original" search engine. Young people are turning to social media to use as a search engine rather than as a simple social app.

In order to be successful in marketing your brand, product, music or app you have to get behind Influencer marketing, especially on TikTok. If you feel lost when it comes to Influencer Marketing or using TikTok in general it may be wise to hire an agency to help you be successful. Here are the top five TikTok influencer agencies in our humble (but expert) opinion.

#1 Clicks Talent

#2 Viral Nation

#3 Upfluence

#4 Fan Bytes

#5 Ubiquitous Influence

#6 Moburst

#7 NoGood

#8 Sociallyin

#9 Sugar Free

#10 Star Gazer

And here is our breakdown of why...

#1 Clicks Talent

Let's talk about why Clicks Talent is the best overall Influencer Marketing Agency for TikTok, Instagram and beyond.

  • We have been in the game since 2017 which allows us to have extensive knowledge of TikTok marketing.

  • Our TikTok campaigns are handled from beginning to end, ensuring successful results.

  • We have a network of over 3,500 influencers ranging between 1K to 50 million followers.

  • We guaranteed the number of videos created for artists promoting music on TikTok campaigns.

  • We also guaranteed the number of views for brands launching campaigns through #teamclicks.

  • We pride ourselves on having personal relationships with all of our influencers, ensuring quality and professional work.

  • Custom quotes are provided for each client depending on their needs and goals.

  • Our pricing is simple and straight forward, no Fees. Cost per post payment structure.

  • Plus we provide a guaranteed ROI. Or your money back, seriously we mean it.

So are you convinced you need Influencer Marketing in your businesses life?

We have got your back every step of the way or your money back.

#2 Viral Nation

Viral Nation is great for brands trying to target Gen Z and similar audiences. If this sounds like your business check out their website to see their success stories and network of influencers they work with.

#3 Upfluence

Perfect agency for TikTok marketing, works directly with their influencers. They work with real people as well as AI to help ensure quality results. Helps brands with

influencer recruitment and makes it simple to manage.

#4 Fan Bytes

Fan Bytes is great for creating paid ads through TikTok Influencers. They provide great analytics and reports to their clients at the end of the process. They also focus on

targeting Gen Z audiences, so if you have a

younger audience they are the perfect match.

They have many successful campaigns you can see on their website.

#5 Ubiquitous

Ubiquitous has a diverse group of influencers and has been designed specifically for TikTok which is a good advantage. Works with influencers big and small as well as businesses big and small.

You can reach out to them to request a

custom quote for the campaign you are looking to create.

#6 Moburst

If your company needs great community management, Moburst is the perfect pick for you. Work with their industry experts to manage your communities, influencers and learn about your analytics.

#7 NoGood

They are a TikTok partner in US and they differ from traditional marketing agencies in that they have a dedicated TikTok studio wing. They help you decide and reach your TikTok goals in 3 steps. 1. Identify trends and niches 2. create authentic content and 3. communicate with your users.

#8 Sociallyin

Takes your insights and creates ads tailored to meet your needs. They help you create a great online presence for your business across the board with creative content,

insights, social media hacks, community management etc.

#9 SugarFree

Great influencer management and help developing and exploring your brands identify and voice. Get started with them with a discovery call and they will team you

up with the right influencers that are a

good fit for your particular brand.

#10 Stargazer

Stargazer specializes in User Generated Content. If you’re business is

looking to build a team of user-generated

content creators as well as influencers to

grow your TikTok, contact Stargazer.

They can help you go viral with micro content creators.

These are the top 10 TikTok agencies currently, what did you think of our picks? What kind of help is your business looking for in terms of influencer marketing?

Get in contact with us today to see if Clicks Talent is the right fit for your brand!


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