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What Exactly Have We Accomplished?

A lot of people are asking what exactly Clicks Talent has done.

What makes us different?

What makes us unique?

What makes us BETTER than all the other options out there?

Well, welcome to the Clicks Talent Blog #2 - "What Exactly Have We Accomplished?"

Clicks Talent was incorporated just a little over 6 months ago!

Take A Look At What We Have Done:


5 Consistent and recurring clients + over 25 past clients since we opened our doors - #TeamClicks works with some of the biggest social media platforms in the world, providing them only with the most extraordinary and highest of quality content!

We have also worked with multiple Amazon shops, makeup companies, and mobile applications looking for brand sponsorships.


2-5 NEW BRAND SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE EVERY MONTH! - This number only grows, and we are excited to have so much interest in our phenomenal influencers!


10 FULL-TIME RECRUITERS - Our dedicated team of 10 recruiters spends day in and day out, approaching as many influencers as possible - that fall into our stringent criteria, to ensure we only bring on the best of the best.


DEDICATED HARDWORKING TEAM - The team behind Clicks Talent has grown since we began. #TeamClicks now has a Social Media Manager, CFO, advisors, and consultants, a graphics designer, Senior Talent Manager, recruiters, Head of Recruitment, foreign language managers and translators, and let's not forget the CEO!


OVER 400 INFLUENCERS APPROACHED A DAY - Our team of 10 recruiters use extremely advanced tactics to systematically target the highest quality and most creative talent on the internet and then show them the beautiful world that is #TeamClicks.


2 WEEK TURNOVER RATE - When a new app or brand signs a contract with Clicks Talent and begins a new campaign, within 10-14 days of the contract being signed, we already have 30-50 influencers available to start working on the campaign. They know how much they are earning, EXACTLY what needs to be done, when, how, on what platform, and anything else that's necessary for a campaign to run 100% smoothly.


CONSISTENT 24 HOUR RESPONSES - We pride ourselves on having a 99% success rate in ALWAYS responding to our clients AND influencers within 24 hours. No message, issue, or question ever goes unanswered.


BRINGING CUSTOMER SERVICE TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL - Our #1 priority always has been and always will be CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Whether that is the influencer or the client, #TeamClicks has given new meaning to the term "Customer Service."


UP TO 5 TIMES LOWER RATES THAN THE INDUSTRY STANDARD - Based on our unique business model and our extensive team of influencers, we can offer brand sponsorships and content creation from the highest quality influencers on the market at unbelievable prices!


OVER 1,000 INFLUENCERS ON #TEAMCLICKS - Team Clicks consists of over 1,000 influencers from over 45 different countries. Our roster has followers on TikTok, Like, Firework, Liveme, Twitch, UpLive, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and every other platform you can think of. The amount of followers for each influencer per a platform ranges from 5,000 followers all the way up to 2 Million!


3 DIFFERENT LANGUAGE TEAMS - Due to the tremendous amount of diverse influencers on #TeamClicks and the 30+ languages spoken, we have created 3 teams for the most spoken languages: Hebrew, Spanish, and English. Soon we will be adding campaigns and teams for French, Dutch, Italian, and Russian! Stay tuned!


CREATING CELEBRITIES - Thanks to our connections at, we are able to have profiles created on the site for our most talented and highest followed influencers, who have yet to be recognized for their celebrity status.

In addition, we have multiple influencers we have grown from 0 followers to over 300,000!


So yeah...that's what we have been up to. 6 months, that's all it took to get where we are today.

Aren't you curious to see where we will be 1 year from now?

See you soon with some exciting new updates!


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