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What is My Content Worth?

As creators it can sometimes be difficult to determine our content's "worth". Often we under estimate the value OR over estimate the value the content brings. Here are some thoughts from #teamclicks on content worth.

How long did it take to create your content?

As a general rule of thumb - if your video takes less than 1 hour to create, even if it goes viral, that's luck, your content is not up to par compared to other creators.

A good video/piece of content should take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to film or create. Anything less than 1 hour is usually very half assed and you should not expect to be paid a lot for it.

Is this content interesting?

Look at your content from a viewers perspective.

Try to be unbiased and watch your content while scrolling through the app and put yourself in the mindset of "Oh I just came across this video, is it interesting enough to capture my attention and stop me from continuing to scroll?"

If it’s not interesting enough keep working until you KNOW the value increases.


  • Put real PASSION into your content in order to increase it’s worth.

  • If you are not putting effort into your content, brands will not value it and you will not get paid.

  • Think about what your ideal viewers want to see.

  • Have fun and work hard.

When in doubt contact Clicks Talent to ask about how to join #teamclicks and get you started on following that passion.


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