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Why Team Clicks?

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We help get your brand known across various social media platforms using influencer marketing by creating high quality marketing campaigns. Our influencers create content to market your product, song, service or overall brand and share it with their followers. We have a network of 1000+ influencers ready to market on TikTok, Instagram and many other platforms.

By working with a majority of the short video platforms worldwide, we have a unique understanding of how this industry works and we use that knowledge to get your brand where you want it to be. Given this industry, we understand the frustrations and setbacks. We pride ourselves on our honesty and quick response to ensure a good relationship with our clients and an extremely effective campaign. We are also featured in multiple lists like this one!

Did you know?

According to 2021 statistics Influencer campaigns on average earn $5.78 back for every $1 spent.

Influencer campaigns are the fastest growing marketing channel for brands, starting to beat out organic searches and email marketing. Brands are able to reach more loyal and lucrative customers.

The Influencer Marketing industry is expected to reach $13.8 Billion by 2022. YES, BILLION.

We have created hundreds of campaigns with brands and matched them with our extensive team of creators.

Here a few to take a look at:

Layto "To The Side" Music Campaign

We ran an internal contest with our 500 influencers to promote Layto's new single: "To The Side". The contest had no content directive, and Layto did not get to choose who took part. We sent out the audio to our 500 influencers and had them simply create content for the song. The campaign reached 30,000,000+ people on TikTok and over 900 videos were created with the song in less than two weeks.

Check out some of the content, and then head here to see more!

Nord VPN Service Brand Campaign

Another brand we worked with is Nord VPN. We worked together with them to help market their world famous VPN service which hides your IP and helps you watch Netflix from other regions! Our influencers created entertaining and engaging content that showcased the VPN service in a positive way, showcasing its many features, usages and perks. The campaign had a reach of over 26,000,000. Check out some of the content from the campaign:

So again, why Clicks Talent?

We can bring your brand in front of millions of real, high quality customers and fans through influencer marketing. We understand the industry and have great relationships with our network of creators. Join #teamclicks today and watch your business grow.

Get in contact with us here or here!


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