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Put your passion to work.

Get paid for your content starting today.


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Guaranteed Pay

We guarantee your pay and ensure companies uphold their contracts; Giving you more time and energy to focus on your content.

Access to Exclusive Campaigns and Sponsorships

The best deals with the hottest new social media apps and brand/ music sponsorships.


Supportive Managers

Managers are available to guide you along the way, advise you and answer any questions or concerns you may have. 


Merch Partnership

We can set you up with everything you need to sell YOUR own merch including designs, products, and a selling platform. 

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Specialized Training

Personal training on how to improve your content, increase your followings, go viral, and become the best possible influencer you can be. 


Digital Rights Management

We work with a 3rd party service that help us claim ad revenue from copyrighted video content you create across all social media platforms. 


Analytics to Track Your Progress

The Clicks portal has all your campaign details in one place, including stats to properly track your performance. 


Checkout what Tyona Bowman thinks! 

Tyona is one of our exclusive influencers. She is a professional dancer, actress, model and singer! She enjoys making short concept videos, editing and exploring the art of visual make up. 

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We understand that working directly with social media applications can be stressful and tiresome. Their reply to your messages isn't always immediate, the pay can be less than you deserve, and in a moment they can drop you from their app with no explanation why.

This is where Clicks comes in. We are your one and only contact for all campaigns. You ALWAYS get paid on time and in full. You ALWAYS have someone to speak to if you have any issues or concerns. 

At Clicks Talent you are treated like family because when you join the Clicks community you are actually joining the Clicks Family. 

Welcome Home.

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Wian Van Den Berg

Clicks has done so much for me and always want to see me succeed. They've changed my life!

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Lyra Hindrichs

Clicks Talent has allowed me to expand as an influencer in ways I never considered before! The team is honest, resourceful, and always has my back.  

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Alexis Romero

I love working with Clicks Talent. They are always supportive and helpful. They help you to become your best you!

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Michael Cocain

They actually care, want to see us succeed and take us as influencers to the next level. Working with them has been an honor and I can't wait to see what the future holds with them!

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Ana Paula Bolzan

What I love about Clicks is the communication that they have with us influencers.  Also, the opportunities they have given to me are incredible. I'm super happy with everything!

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Derrell Underwood

I like that they’re very hands on with everything and try to fix any problems that come up. I also like how direct they are with their influencers; very communicative and always make sure we getting everything we need!

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Hannah Grace

They give fantastic support, always understanding and helpful. You get to meet a community of people with similar a mindset and interests. Clicks Talent offers opportunities to get our talent to thrive.

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Lionel Huffman

With Clicks I’m more than just a creator, Clicks considers me family. They always go the extra mile for their creators  and offer endless guidance.

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We'd love to hear from you!

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