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Become a ClicksTalent influencer

We understand that working directly with social media applications can be stressful and tiresome. Their reply to your messages isn't always immediate, the pay can be less than you deserve, and in a moment they can drop you from their app with no explanation why.

This is where Clicks comes in. We are your one and only contact for all campaigns. You ALWAYS get paid on time and in full. You ALWAYS have someone to speak to if you have any issues or concerns. 


Guaranteed Pay

We guarantee that you’ll be paid for 100% of the campaigns you take on and meet the requirements for.


Support and availability (via whatsapp and email) for any questions or concerns you may have. We are here for you!

Project Management

Management and negotiation of your paid collaborations to ensure you will meet client’s expectations and deadlines.

Copyright Claims

We work with multiple companies that monitor the internet for anyone who posts your videos without permission. The company claims the video as copyright infringement and you get PAID for that!  

Priority Talent

When we bring in new clients and brand sponsorships your name will be at the top of every list we submit to them for review. Some campaigns we offer are only available to exclusive influencers. 

Grow Your Brand

You will be added to our portfolio and gain visibility with clients, receiving more deals and consequently more money. 


Get paid for your content starting today.

Checkout what Tyona Bowman thinks! 

Tyona is one of our exclusive influencers. She is a professional dancer, actress, model and singer! She enjoys making short concept videos, editing and exploring the art of visual make up. 

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