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A "New age" talent agency set on doing it differently!

With 7 years of experience in the influencer marketing industry, our team has all the know how to make your campaign a true success. 

Client Relationships

We prioritize maintaining a close and personal relationships with our clients to ensure a seamless process and rapid turnaround time. Being in tune with our clients marketing goals ensures that expectations are aligned and ROI's are met.

Experienced Professionals

Highly trained and educated marketing professionals, each bringing their unique expertise and ideas to the table. With that said, no matter how much education our team has it doesn't compare to the extensive knowledge we've built during our 7 years working with influencers.

Our Influencers

A creative group of international social media influencers with ​impressive engagement on their handles. Our team of influencers work hard to deliver on the campaigns they take part in, resulting in unique content creation every time.

Our team

Abraham "AB" Lieberman

CEO/ Founder

Marie Pavlova

Talent & Campaign Manager

Laurine Mtaita

Social Media Manager

Sapir Tori Lieberman


Malav Patel

Business Development Manager

Avi Wolicki

Strategic Advisor

Lorena Jacomassi

Senior Campaign Manager

Sabrina De Oliveira

CEO & COO Executive Assistant

Katja Jane Hartog

Senior Campaign Manager

Maysa Sumariva

Technical Assistant

Our locations

Los Angeles, California

Tel Aviv, Israel

Sao Paulo, Brazil

London, UK

Tanzania, Africa

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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