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Artistic Influencer Interviews - @NinjaGirlDraws

This week we sat down and had a talk with the internationally renowned, 2.4 Million followed TikToker @NinjaGirlDraws.

Check out what she does below!

Dania, the 18 year old Romanian girl behind the gorgeous drawings on the account was kind enough to take some time off drawing and give us an inside look at the life of an "Artistic Influencer"


Clicks Talent: Hi, Dania! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us!

So first question: What do you do when you are not creating content for your social media?

Dania: So I'm an artist first, influencer second. When I am not creating content for social media, I just draw for the fun of it. I go outside to find inspiration and recharge. I also love reading and watching movies in my free time.

Clicks Talent: Amazing! It's always important to take a second and breathe. How long have you been a "Drawing" influencer?

Dania: I started my social media accounts back in 2015. Around that time was when I began to first dabble in drawing.

Clicks Talent: Wow! Very interesting. So you didn't even have any experience drawing before starting, and look where you are today. Just wow! What is the best thing about being an influencer?

Dania: The best thing about being an influencer has to be having the opportunity and power to make a change and influence people in a good way.

Clicks Talent: We love hearing things like that! On a different note, what is the worst thing about being an influencer?

Dania: The worst thing about being an influencer is that no matter what you do ( good or bad ) there is always going to be someone that doesn't like you and that criticizes you every step of the way.

Clicks Talent: Well, there will always be people jealous of your success, just remember they are jealous of your SUCCESS. Let that sink in.

What is the best collaboration that you have done with another influencer?

Dania: I haven't really had the chance yet to collaborate with other influencers. I only had one drawing collaboration with another social media artist, and it was fun.

Clicks Talent: Tell us something we don't know about the influencer's work?

Dania: A lot of people consider the influencer's work easy even though it simply is not. Behind every successful video, are days and full nights spent on hitting that perfection.

Clicks Talent: What do you think is different between an average influencer and an "Artistic" influencer?

Dania: I think the difference is that us "Artistic" influencers need to find a way to reach everyone, even the people who are not interested in drawing and art. Also, being an "Artistic" influencer is hard because drawing takes a LOT of time. When I upload a 15-second video on social media, it's usually a 7-hour drawing cut down to a 15-second video. Then you have all these people that don't understand just how long it really takes to create a single video.

Clicks Talent: Well, props to you for putting in that effort. It seems like it paid off! What tip(s) do you have for anyone trying to create artistic content like you?

Dania: Be yourself! Share your real emotions through your content. Don't be afraid to speak up and express your feelings.

Clicks Talent: How have you gained from working with Clicks Talent?

Dania: Clicks Talent helped me find new opportunities and supported me on this journey, so excited to be working with you guys! Clicks Talent: Well thanks for that Dania. We had a great time speaking with you, can't wait to see your next video! Dania's Socials: Instagram TikTok Likee


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Dania is such an inspiration . She is kind with everyone and treats us like friends . Not to mention she is a hood listener and gives good advice . I presonaly look up to her and I love her ❤❤❤

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