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How Much Should I Charge on Tik Tok?

Pricing on TikTok is like the wild west; no one understands the influencers' value, including themselves. You have brands paying an influencer $100 today and $3,000 tomorrow.

While we can't tell you to ask for "x" amount for every sponsored post, we can help you with some helpful tips on getting paid as a content creator.

DO NOT charge based on your following. Most of your followers came from the “For You” page when you had a video go viral, and those followers don't always watch your regular content. You can see this in your analytics. Only a tiny percentage of creator’s followers actually see their content if it doesn't pop up on the FYP.

When working on a deal with brands show them your views and engagement, this is more important than your follower count. If there is a big gap between views and engagement, focus mainly on engagement.

Show examples of your best content, the brand will want to make sure you have quality

Don't look at overall engagement; look at the engagement from the past 1-2 weeks. Things change so quickly on TikTok that you cannot look at overall lifetime data to make calculated decisions; only recent data matters. Brands will care more about this data as well.

When in doubt, ask #TeamClicks. We are here to match brands and campaigns with influencers all over the world. Influencer marketing is a powerful avenue and we can help you leverage it to make your dreams a reality.


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