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Meet Kison Kee

Today we are spotlighting Kison Kee! He is an amazing content creator on#teamclicks. He makes hilarious and creative content and is also one of the nicest people to work with. Lets get to know Kison!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi Everyone, I’m Kison Kee, I’m a short guy so I had to have a big personality 😅 I love art, music, and creating content!

What got you started as a content creator?

I started making videos well before I post them to the internet, I didn’t have a phone so the first video I post was a cover of me singing “when will my life begin” by Tangled.

What kind of content do you love creating?

I love creating content that makes me laugh. I also go towards “crack head energy”

Who is your key audience?

From my analytics my main followers are girls I believe it’s %73 girls and %27 boys. My boy following has grown a lot. Used to be 90 to 10

How did you find #teamclicks?

I actually didn’t find clicks talent, they found me! Well before I was big on tiktok, but they could spot potential!

What are your long term goals as a content creator?

Long term goals 😅😅 I actually want to be a homestead vlogger. I’ve owned 11 goats and and few chickens and loved it. Would love to add a garden and other animals too. I really do believe that dream comes true!

Favorite part about working in this industry?

My favorite part of being a content creator is inspiring others. I know a guy that started making videos copying my “cup videos” and now he has a huge following (7.1M) doing his own thing! @lourdasprec he actually just posted the cup videos again for a throw back.

Most difficult part about working in this industry?

The hardest part about creating content in MENTALHEALTH it effects you more than you think. Like your brain learns that making videos make you happy to the point where if your videos don’t do well you feel less about yourself. And I’ve talk to many other creators and they feel the same way

-Biggest lesson you’ve learned and/or piece of advice for others who are starting!

Make the content you want to make! Who cares if it doesn’t get many views. I guarantee you’ll enjoy your social media life so much more if you stay true to you and not views

Where can we find you on social channels (tiktok, instagram etc.)

One of the perks of having a unique name all my socials are the same! @KisonKee on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.


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