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Meet RoxyRenDoes

Tell us a little about yourself!

Hiya! I’m Roxy Ren I’m from Kentucky, I’ve been doing makeup for film tv and ads for 18 years in Los Angeles Ca. I’m older than I look and I believe shifted perspective is the way to happiness. I’m afro-indigenous and glitter rules everything around me. I love bacon, chinchillas, foxes, crocheting and aesthetics videos <3

What got you started as a content creator?

I was never gutsy enough to be a singer or anything like that so i was quietly make my own music videos stop motion style. I’d plan the shoot do the makeup and hair write scenarios research lighting everything! My friend who is a editor and director saw what I was doing and offered to pay me for my content/acting and i was hooked with that one series i never stopped creating after that.

What kind of content do you love creating?

Love conscious beauty or beauty+ when you gain knowledge or are touched or moved in some way.

Who is your key audience?

My audience is pretty much anyone who wants to listen and better their mental state of mind. I’m all about inclusivity so everyone is welcome :)

How did you find #teamclicks?

A really good friend of mine was with Click’s and he is kinda my mentor so i joined because i know if he trust them with his career i would too. I also saw some social media ads and i was curious.

What are your long term goals as a content creator?

My plans long term as a content creator is to take over the world! I’m kidding but not. I want to empower the world to make positive changes for beauty inclusion and mental health care for people world wide. Hell if a dog is depressed them too. I just want to counter all the negativity in this world anyway i can. So i hope to become an influencer icon.

Favorite part about working in this industry?

The options i never had before. Meeting people and finding good in all walks of life. I’m an agoraphobic so meeting people was never something i wanted to do but now i do.

Most difficult part about working in this industry?

Motivating myself when i am very depressed or my content isn’t performing well even when i put many hours of work in it. Just having the will to get up press record and smile can be hard the 4000th time you do it.

Biggest lesson you’ve learned and/or piece of advice for others who are starting!

Don’t worry about failing there is no failing. This business the art is so new there is just room for growth and success. So never give up because the next person to succeed and win big could be you! It’s a level field and it’s everyone’s game now.

Where can we find you!?

RoxyRenDoes on every app imaginable haha

Thank you Roxy for being a part of #teamclicks!


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