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The Life Of India's Macro Influencers (Interview with @__sarfaraz__)

Today we sat down with one of India's most influential #Macro influencer, Sarfaraz Ansari.

Macro influencer: A macro influencer is an influencer that is between a micro and Celebrity influencer (usually 300K - 1M on Instagram)

Sarfaraz manages his #MensFashion Instagram page, @__sarafaraz__ , which has accumulated more than 443,000 followers as of this writing. On his page he influences India's teens and advises on what Indian style is in and what is not! Luckily, we were able to catch him in between photo-shoots to ask him some questions. Enjoy!


Clicks Talent: Hey Sarfaraz! Tell us, what do you do when you are not creating content for your social media?

Sarfaraz Ansari: So whenever I am not creating content I will usually spend my time thinking about new pieces of content to create and upload, or just brainstorm ideas on what I can do next!

Clicks Talent: Wow! That's REAL dedication! How long have you been a "Fashion" Influencer?

Sarfaraz Ansari: Wow...what a question, hmm..... for a VERY long time, way before it became a trend, that's for sure!

Clicks Talent: Cool! In your opinion, what is the best part about being an influencer?

Sarfaraz Ansari: The love and support that I receive from my followers, they are amazing!

Clicks Talent: Amazing! What is the worst part about being an influencer?

Sarfaraz Ansari: The unnecessary haters, they bring people down to put themselves up. I think it's really sad.

Clicks Talent: Yeah, totally agree there...on to a brighter topic, What is the best collaboration that you have done with another influencer?

Sarfaraz Ansari: I collaborated with my brother, it was an extremely proud moment for me, won't ever forget it.

Clicks Talent: Wow! That's really nice! Tell us something we don’t know about the influencer's work?

Sarfaraz Ansari: Everyone that works behind the camera. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes that no one realizes. These people never get recognition, so I like to do my best to give credit where it is due whenever possible!

Clicks Talent: I had no idea! Thanks for that revelation, what do you think is different between an American influencer and an Indian influencer?

Sarfaraz Ansari: The culture. The culture is so vastly different that we would need a couple of hours just to state the differences!

Clicks Talent: Oh wow! Maybe we will do a future post about that and you can help! What tip(s) do you have for anyone trying to create Indian Fashion content like you?

Sarfaraz Ansari: Take inspiration from other Indian Influencers, but NEVER steal or copy anyone's content. Always be original and be yourself.

Clicks Talent: Good advice, now how have you gained from working with Clicks Talent?

Sarfaraz Ansari: You guys deliver quality paid opportunities for me to take part in and help with any issues I have, it's great! Clicks Talent: Thanks Sarfaraz! It was a pleasure speaking with you!


Go check out Sarfaraz online: Facebook: Sarfaraz Ansari Instagram: @__sarfaraz__ (443K)

Like: @sarfarazsfz (420K) TikTok: @__sarfaraz__ (70K)

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Have a great week everyone!


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