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The "Secret" to Social Media Growth In 2023

Happy New Year! It's a brand new year and it's time you manifest that social media goal you have been thinking about. The one you have been scared to go for but know you want to. If you don't start today, then when? If you don't start now, why? We are going to talk about the "secret" to social media growth in 2023. Lets go.

Did you know that a whopping 5% of your videos MIGHT go viral? That means that 95% won't.

If you post once a week that leaves you with a minuscule chance of growing your brand, going viral or making a dent in your goals. We are not saying that going viral is the only way to grow, but it will help you grow on social media. Thus the more you post the more people you will

reach with your message and create more leads,

customer, followers and engagement.

So the "secret" to Social Media Growth in 2023 is POSTING DAILY. This is the secret because it's an obstacle many brands and influencers face; the inconsistency of posting. We have talked before on our blog about how to "hack" posting everyday. Doing things like batch creating your content, creating a content plan, repurposing older content etc. Take this as a sign to make a plan and DO IT.

Not sure how to get started? Lets talk!

Here are 3 ways to help you grow your social media in 2023:

Brainstorm Ideas BEFORE Content Batching

Sit down and write down at least 10 ideas for content. Can't think of any? Here are some simple examples:

- Ask a question and encourage people to answer in the comments/dms etc.

- Run a contest/Giveaway

- Have an influencer or customer do a "social media takeover"

- Inspirational quote

- Reviews from customers

- A breakdown of what your brand is all about

- Favorite moments of the month

- Spotlight an employee

- Spotlight another favorite creator

and the list can go on and on! The opportunities for content creation are truly endless. If you still need ideas don't forget to scroll through your feed and take note of the trending sounds and ideas. The latest trends will need to be acted upon quickly so you don't miss the opportunity for views.

Schedule Your Content

The next way to ensure your constituency in posting is scheduling your content, you can do this within Instagram or with third party apps like Later, Hootsuite, Plainly etc. Some scheduling will still require you to post manually but the reminder to post will be extremely helpful, and your content will already be prepared for you.

Scheduling ahead of time allows you to avoid feeling overwhelmed by "keeping up" with your daily goal of posting. This also allows you the extra time to focus on story content, engaging your followers and engaging with other brands/influencers/peoples content. This will also help you grow significantly. Always remember that engagement is just as important as the posting!

Schedule a week or more ahead of time and open up that brain space for more content creation, engagement time, and brainstorming to grow your brand.

Ask for Help

There is no shame in asking for help. Whether it be from fellow influencers, brands, social media gurus, agencies or a simple google search you will help yourself propel forward by searching for help rather than trying to do everything yourself. Agencies are a huge help because they can help with anything from campaigns and content creation to managing an influencer program or managing paid ads.

Clicks Talent for example helps you create and manage an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. We have created hundreds of viral campaigns that helped music artists, brands, apps and other businesses to grow while also helping influencers grow. We match you with the perfect creators for your specific niche and that's where the magic happens! Check out some of our viral campaigns here.


2023 is your year to thrive and grow on social media! You have the "secret" to growth now so the next step is to go forward and make it happen. Brainstorm and batch your content, schedule it out and ask for help when you need it.

Good luck and happy new year!


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