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How To Go Viral

How to go viral? That's the "dream", right? Once you go viral, fame and money starts pouring into your life.... not exactly true but it could be the start of something HUGE. Here are some key components on how to create viral content.

Shock Value

Surprise your audience. Make them say “wait, what?”

You can do this with stunts, facts, unique stories and more.

Kison Kee is the king of shock value. His videos are full of shocking falls and other outcomes you just don't expect. This specific video has over 19 million views 🤯


What will make them immediately want to share this video with everyone? Something universally relatable, comedic, or out-of-the-box facts? Think about what makes you share a video instantly.

Josh's video is a great example of an out-of-box fact that makes you want to share and ask everyone if this can be true!? This video got over 2 million views!


If you feel stunted in your creativity try asking yourself:

What hasn't been done?

What offers value to your audience?

What is a new take on a trend?

The Illusion Artist is so creative and talented, she comes up with the most fascinating makeup tricks and illusions ever. This video has reached millions of people and been shared worldwide.


Authenticity is one of the most important parts of social media presence.

How can your audience relate to your authentic self? What is unique about you? What is your passion? Follow that passion and your audience will find you.

Lily does an amazing job at being her authentic self. She has grown her social following by embracing what once was her biggest insecurity. This has resonated with over 305K followers on TikTok.


You can’t post a few times every now and then and expect to go viral. Finding your target audience and going viral take work and consistency. Don’t forget to put effort into your niche content and engage with your audience.

The Spot House on TikTok does a phenomenal job at consistency with their niche: Dalmations! Her followers can count on the content to be consistent and filled with adorable puppies.

Capture the audience You have 3 seconds to get their attention, what is going to make them stay on your video? When you capture them immediately the video has more potential to get longer views, more shares and thus the potential to go viral.

This TikTok from Toyota Bowman does a great job of grabbing your attention from the very start. It's almost at one million views!

High quality content Make sure it's filmed well, with good angles, good lighting, clean backgrounds and great outfits. Low quality videos typically get less engagement, its worth the extra effort to make sure your video is well lit and sharp.

Roxy Ren Does is a great example of producing high quality content, her lighting and effects are always on point. Plus she is crazy talented!

TRUTH BOMB: There is no true secret to going viral,

but when you work hard, stay authentic, and get creative you may have a recipe for success. Keep going and it will happen!

Have you gone viral or are hoping to get there? Clicks Talent is here for you to help gain opportunities and access to a community to help you grow.


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